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Jan 9, 2016

Quote BubbleDon't be fooled by our fabulous new intro music — this is still Parenting Roundabout you're listening to. We've done some format-tweaking for the new year, with a longer group chat that includes some introductory conversation, two topics, an interview with one of our regular contributors, and some shameless self-promotion. Here's your roadmap through this week's episode.

1:38: What's New With You? — We've been doing some traveling this week, and some book writing, and some writing avoidance.

11:42: Topic 1 — Are we the kind of moms who find it easier to spend money on and do nice things for our kids than for ourselves? (Hey, we really wanted socks for Christmas.)

24:15: Topic 2: Current Events — We discuss an article about "aspirational parenting" that got our backs up. Of course, we're not aspiring for our kids to be members of the power elite so much as just make enough money to buy us really nice socks.

39:03: Interview of the Week — Catherine talks with pediatric occupational therapist Meghan Corridan about good educational apps for kids. Find links to the apps and companies Meghan mentioned on her blog, MAC&Toys. The app Catherine recommended is Mathmateer.

51:11: Shameless Self-Promotion — Terri shared articles on questions to ask about your child's lunch and recess on her site; Amanda shared a blog post she wrote for Matan called "Without Exclusion, We Wouldn’t Have to Talk About Inclusion”; Nicole shared a blog post she wrote for, "Not Just One Story of Successful Inclusion"; and Catherine shared an article from her site on how to set family goals for the New Year (or how to drag your family into your New Year’s resolutions so you might actually keep them!).

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for producing our podcast and most especially for our spiffy new in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.