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Dec 9, 2016

Episode 148: The Doctor Will See You NowOn this week's group chat, we discuss kids speaking up for themselves at the doctor; talk about holiday decorating on our Friday speed round; shout out some stuff we like on the Roundabout Roundup, hear part two of our interview with occupational therapist Meghan Corridan; and do some shameless self-promotion. Here's your road map to the episode:

05:30 Kids Flying Solo at the Doctor — Do your kids represent themselves to their pediatrician, or are you the one doing all the talking? How can you transition teens and young adults to self-advocacy so you can be released from the room where it happens (and the pressure of being the family medical caseworker)? Finding the right doctor helps, unsurprisingly.

17:20 Speed Round: Holiday Decorating — Having discussed holiday music, we now address decorating: whether or not you do it at all, how much do you do, do you do the inside, the outside, both, neither, and when? We are just filled with the Christmas spirit, y'all.

24:14 Parenting Roundabout Roundup — Terri recommends Moana again, this time for the way both parents, amazingly for a Disney movie, are both alive throughout; Catherine enjoyed a blog post on Magpie Musing about people-watching in NYC (and also thinks you should be watching Martha and Snoop on VH1); and Nicole recommends the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople

27:03 Interview of the Week — Pediatric occupational therapist Meghan Corridan joins Catherine for part two of their conversation about Meghan’s annual holiday gift guide. This week, she focuses on toys, games, and activities that help build social and emotional skills. Toys mentioned: Make a Face! from Moon Picnic, Eggspressions from Hape, Friends and Neighbors--The Helping Game from Peaceable Kingdom, Many Moods of Me Journal from Klutz, and Kindness Kit from Craft-tastic.

36:29 Shameless Self-Promotion — Terri suggests checking her Friendship Circle post "Find the Perfect Toys with These Special-Needs Gift Guides" again for new additions; Nicole is giving away books on inclusion by Julie Causton on her Inclusive Class website; and Catherine has an article on VeryWell on pedometer activities for kids.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.