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Mar 24, 2017

00:32 Luge Camp Report: Catherine's son had another round of learning how to fly downhill on a tiny sled without your mother screaming "No!"

03:57 Reading, Writing, and Ranting: When we read a Popsugar post about a mom's Facebook Live rant on her son's school's disgusting bathrooms, we knew we could come up with some good stuff to complain about too. You know us—we love a good rant!

16:15 Friday Speed Round: This or That?: Libraries or museums? Gold or silver? Zebra or cheetah print? Nicole makes us choose between these and more.

25:15 Roundabout Roundup: In praise of Fresh Express sweet kale salad, Celestial Seasonings cinnamon apple spice tea, and Southwest Airlines.

28:25 Interview of the Week: Catherine chats with Meghan Corridan, pediatric occupational therapist, about toys that build hand and finger strength (but won't be dismissed as "babyish"). For more on the toys mentioned, visit Meghan's blog.

38:27 Shameless Self-Promotion: "12 Classic Special-Needs Parenting Moments from ABC's 'Speechless'"; "10 Simple Steps to Finding the Perfect Hobby for You"; Nicole on LinkedIn.