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Mar 31, 2017

00:31 Beverly Hills Mammogram — Nicole actually had a very positive experience getting a mammogram! PSA: You should get one too, even if you can't have the boutique experience she did. (Mentioned: Bedford Breast Center.)

06:21 You're Not the Boss of Me! — Terri had a major meltdown about a potential delegation fail, which got us wondering (and whining) about why it's so hard to hand off responsibilities to other members of our households.

25:38 Friday Speed Round: Advice to Our Younger Selves — Watch out, Young Terri, because More Mature Terri has some strong words for you.

31:15 Roundabout Roundup — In praise of Playworks' game library, Spotify, and the TV Avalanche podcast.

34:55 Interview of the Week — Nicole chats with regular guest Robert Rummel-Hudson and his daughter, Schuyler, about their recent experience as panelists at SxSWedu.

49:37 Shameless Self-Promotion — March special needs news roundup; 10 Ways to Be Nicer to Yourself; a revamped Inclusive Class (coming soon!).

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.