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Jun 9, 2017

00:31 Ice, Ice, Iceland: Catherine and her son are headed to Iceland. Wish them luck with the jetlag, and the part where the kids have to sing in Icelandic

04:15 It's a Very Special Episode: Since Nicole is down with the flu and Catherine's headed overseas, we're bringing you some of our greatest hits this week: a collection of our favorite travel-related speed rounds from the past two years. As a bonus, we'll hear from our friend Amanda Morin on some of these. Your road map:

05:20 Plan It, or Wing it?: Both have their pros and cons. (Featured speed rounds: "Do You Plan for Travel or Do You Wing It?" from 2/21/07 and "Where in the World Would You Like to Visit?" from 3/24/16.)  

12:11 Modes of Transportation: Should we fly or drive, and how do we entertain ourselves on the road? (Featured Speed Rounds: "Plane Trips or Road Trips?" from 5/25/16, "How Do You Amuse Kids on Car Trips?" from 1/17/17, and "How Do You Amuse Yourself on Car Trips?" from 1/18/17.)

22:55 Hotel Life: We can be particular when it comes to our homes-away-from-home. (Featured Speed Rounds: "Our Family-Vacation Hotel Essentials" from 2/3/16, "How Nice Do You Need Accommodations to Be" from 6/28/16, and "What's Your Hotel-Room Arrival Routine?" from 3/21/16.)

33:17 Most Memorable Travel Disasters: Catherine goes way retro with hers, but each of these is disastrous in its own special way. (Featured episode from January 8, 2016.)

Programming note: We will be off next Friday, June 16, and there will be no speed rounds for the next two weeks. Subscribe to this podcast and you won't miss our triumphant return on Friday, June 23.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.