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Aug 11, 2017

00:31 Back to School: Nicole's daughter headed back to school, which somehow led us to reminisce about Gym Classes of Our Past.

07:35 All the Drama, None of the Fame and Fortune: Terri sometimes feels her life is a bad detective show. Catherine is stuck in a not-that-funny sitcom, and Nicole's family drama is exhaustingly dramatic. What TV show is your family inadvertently starring in?

19:31 Friday Speed Round: Summer Reading: This question about what our kids are reading this summer was mostly a confession of what they're not reading.

29:37 Roundabout Roundup: Terri shouted out Chase Bank's anti-fraud efforts, Catherine is stuck on these achievement stickers for freelancers, and Nicole swooned over Rolling Stone's Canadian cover boy.

36:08 Shameless Self-Promotion: Quick Fixes for Bee Stings, Bug Bites, Sunburns, and Other Summer Woes; 7 Signs Your Child Is in an Inclusive Class; podcast quote graphics on Facebook.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.