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Oct 22, 2018

00:32 Canada Calling: Nicole got to visit the motherland for her annual dose of autumn weather and ketchup chips. Mentioned: Prince Harry gives up alcohol during his wife's pregnancy.

07:43 Yearbooks Past and Present: Time to compare and contrast the yearbooks of our day with those of our kids.

26:54 Speed Round: Guilt! What's making you feel guilty right now? Mentioned: Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky.

43:04 Roundabout Roundup: Some of Terri's finds from the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo include: Biena crispy chickpeas, Perfection Snacks snack mix, Schär chocolate-covered graham crackers, Bio-K+ probiotics, and deliciousness Fusions and CrunchBites. Plus: WeightWatchers recipes and the Fairmont Del Mar.

54:13 Shameless Self-Promotion: GFAF Expo recap; "Countdown to Halloween" and "Happy Halloween!" at Highlights; supplemental materials for the Inclusion Collaborative conference.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.