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Nov 5, 2018

00:30 Busted: It was bound to happen sooner or later: Nicole's daughter calls her out after a comment on Instagram.

11:25 Career Check-In: Nicole is embarking on a new career,  Catherine is pondering a switch from freelance to staff work, and Terri just works all. the. time.

37:58 Speed Round: Senior Quotes: Our recent discussion on yearbooks touched on this topic, so we ask: What would your quote have been back then, and what would it be now? 

42:00 Roundabout Roundup:,, Straight No Chaser, and a weighted blanket.

47:27 Shameless Self-Promotion: The Inclusive Class on Facebook, "What Little Kids' Early Spelling Reveals," and a new post at Parenting Isn't Pretty.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.