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Jan 21, 2019

The latest study on screen time and its evils left us sighing and justifying our lack of limits. Since we can't seem to cut back on our own use, it's hardly fair to make our kids go screen-free, is it? (Mentioned: teen calls police when dad takes away cell...

Sep 12, 2018

What time do your kids turn into pumpkins, and who makes the rules? (Turns out, it's not always the parents.)

May 7, 2018

00:31 Movin' On Up: Nicole's son is graduating from college, and we have a business idea for white-hat hackers.

7:01 Who Are You Calling Over-Indulgent?: It's time for another discussion of "a parenting article that made Terri go 'hmph!'" Say it with us: "Every child is different. Every family is different."...

Apr 18, 2018

On a special speed round, friend of the podcast Katherine Lewis shares some of what she learned while researching her new book, The Good News About Bad Behavior. Visit Katherine at

Apr 2, 2018

00:32 SAT Triumph: Nicole and her daughter got a happy middle-of-the-night surprise.

7:10 Valuable Advice: First, we have to figure out what values we value most; and then we have to try to teach them to our kids.

19:32 Speed Round: Not-So-Fond Memories: There are some parts of our parenting pasts that we are happy to...