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Jun 18, 2018

00:32 Rory the Hedgehog: Catherine catches us up on her prickly summer visitor.

08:23 Are You a Carpenter or a Gardener? Our discussion of this article on parenting styles devolved into a plan for Terri and Nicole to build a trellis and Catherine to buy it. 

19:49 Speed Round: What Is Your Theme Song? Catherine had a

Jun 4, 2018

00:32 Live and In Person: Nicole and Catherine got to see each other IRL! Terri joined via Photoshop.

11:52 Love Is an Open Door: With six teens and young adults among us, there is a lot of disappearing into bedrooms. The challenge: Striking a balance between privacy and family time.

27:50 Speed Round: Leaving Home:...

May 21, 2018

00:32 Lake Fly Season: Keep your mouth closed and your umbrellas at the ready if you visit Catherine this week.

08:26 BFFN (Best Friends For Now): We react, with predictable skepticism, to a preschool that won't let kids use the term "best friend." Plus, how social media is actually good for kids' friendships.


May 14, 2018

00:31 Earthquake! Nicole was jolted awake by a quake—and the realization that she's not going to survive an apocalypse.

08:58 Stars of Stage, Screen, and Ice: We reflect on our many years of kid-performance experiences, from marching band to dance to water polo.

31:03 Speed Round: Outdoor Chores: Basically, you won't...

Mar 19, 2018

00:32 Injury Report: Terri's husband is sidelined, which means many different challenges.

5:45 When Kids Face Rejection: We've found that helping our kids through painful setbacks is, well, painful. 

25:45 Speed Round: Life-Changing Apps: We haven't found one that reverses rejection, but we sure do love messaging,...