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Mar 21, 2017

Your road map to this week’s entertainment-themed episode:

00:33 Dancing with the Stars: It’s time to return to the ballroom, and we’re happy to see our beloved Tom Bergeron, the pros, and (most of) the celebrity competitors. Tell us who your favorites are. (Mentioned: interview with mom-car driver Nancy Kerrigan.)

11:21 The West Wing: Going from frivolous and fun to masterful and moving, we watched the season 2 finale, “Two Cathedrals.” This is one that bears re-watching, because it’s got layers, man. (Mentioned: Latin rant with subtitles; interview with Kirsten Nelson)

21:10 Challenge Round: Terri challenged Catherine to watch the pilot of the USA show Psych, starring Dule Hill as well as Kirsten Nelson, who played the young Mrs. Landingham in “Two Cathedrals.” Catherine was charmed by its frothy foolishness. For next week, she challenged Terri to watch the documentary The Million Dollar Duck (available on Amazon and iTunes).