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Feb 27, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:53 Black Panther: Catherine saw the highly anticipated film at the beginning of its run, and loved its production design, bad-ass women, and layered storyline.

06:58 One Day at a Time: This week, the episodes we watched covered immigration ("Strays") and PTSD ("The Death of Mrs. Resnick") in typical issue-of-the-week style, which still prompted tears from at least one of us.

15:07 Challenge Round: A Is for Alibi: Terri challenged Catherine to read the first title in Sue Grafton's Alphabet Mysteries series. The case she solves might be forgettable, but detective Kinsey Millhone isn't.

For next week, we'll forgo the Challenge Round in favor of watching the Oscars (Sunday, March 4). We'll discuss the awards show, plus the next episode of The West Wing ("The California 47th") and two from One Day at a Time ("Hold, Please" and "One Lie at a Time," both from season 1).