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May 15, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed podcast:

00:44 Dancing with the Stars Athletes: Week 3 and it's already the semi-finals? We are not in favor of this shortened season business (nor did we approve of who got sent home and who got to stay).

10:40 Trophy WifeWe have some nits to pick with the lice containment strategies on this show. 

15:51 The West WingSeason 4's "Commencement" is a tough one to watch, what with a killing, an abduction, a terrorist threat, and sad, sad Toby. Mentioned: The West Wing Weekly podcast, which was not nearly solemn enough for our liking this time.

For next week, we'll watch the finales of season 4 of The West Wing ("Twenty Five") and Dancing with the Stars Athletes. One will have a lot more sequins than the other. We'll also watch episodes 10 and 11 of Trophy Wife: "Twas the Night Before Christmas ... Or Twas It?" and "The Big 5-0."