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Jun 19, 2018

[Catherine and Terri are taking a vacation week on Round 2 and bringing you excerpts from a couple of entertainment-related episodes from way back in 2015. Next week's episode is new, though, as are all our other episodes this week.]

00:35: From Round 2, June 16, 2015: Spoilers have become a big point of Internet etiquette, but is it fair to expect everyone to wait to talk about entertainment they've enjoyed untll you've had a chance to catch up? We share our thoughts on the notion that imparting information on a piece of entertainment to someone who has not yet consumed it is inherently awful and cruel. We discussed the old days when TV Guide was in the spoiler business, the value of stories you already know the ending to (spoiler! things do not work out well for Romeo and Juliet), the buzz-dampening effect of dumping show episodes nobody can talk about yet, and the benefit of knowing you can always look up what happened on a show so you can safely watch while multitasking.

11:29: From Episode 52, January 29, 2015The end of the NBC series Parenthood got us talking about an article by Linda Holmes on NPR's Monkey See blog on why such shows may have fallen out of favor; the family dramas we fell for in the past (and Terri apologizes here for talking and talking and talking about those shows — seriously, don't get her started — but if you want to join her in swooning over that Once and Again plotline with Eric Stoltz as Mr. Dimitri, start right here); and the shows we're paying attention to now. For more on the topic, and opinions from Amanda Morin and Nicole Eredics (who interject a bit in this segment), listen to the full episode.

For next week's new episode, we'll watch the next two episodes of Trophy Wife ("Couples Therapy" and "The Minutes"), The West Wing's "Jefferson Lives," and for the challenge round, Coco. Join us!