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Feb 13, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:47 One Day at a Time: With The Good Place in the void for now, we checked out Netflix's re-imagining of the classic 70s sitcom. Rita Moreno and Justina Machado as mother and daughter are good enough to keep us watching.

07:42 The West Wing: We're just here for the Bible jokes and the men in uniform (in season 4's "Inauguration, Part One"). Wait, that sounds wrong. Mentioned: "Sorkinisms" video; the West Wing Weekly podcast.

18:00 Challenge: Company: Terri challenged Catherine to check out this unique production of Stephen Sondheim's show, starring some familiar faces (and Spanish subtitles, just as a little bonus). Catherine agreed that it's a thrill, especially when you know a bit about how much those actors were flying by the seat of their pants. Mentioned: This version starring Raul Esparza.

For next week, we're curious about David Letterman's new show on Netflix, My Next Guest Needs No IntroductionPlus: Two more episodes of One Day at a Time ("No Mass" and "A Snowman's Tale"), and West Wing's "Inauguration: Over There."