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Apr 3, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed podcast:

00:30 One Day at a TimeWe continue season 2 with "To Zir with Love" and "Roots," which had a nice balance of Big Issues and Rita Moreno Zingers.

7:25 The West WingThe season 4 episode "Privateers" also gave us one day at a time, with all sorts of problems for our heroes to take on in 18 hours. The West Wing Weekly podcast was full of good guests, including Ethel Beavers!

17:34 Challenge Round: Trophy Wife and Go OnTerri challenged Catherine to try the pilot episodes of these two "found family" shows, and she enjoyed them both. Next time a hole opens up in our busy viewing calendar, we'll continue with Trophy Wife (read a discussion of that term, and listen to the Nerdist podcast Terri mentioned).

For next week, though, we stick with One Day at a Time ("Locked Down" and "Work Hard, Play Hard") and The West Wing ("Angel Maintenance"). And Catherine challenges Terri to read But Enough About Me, a memoir about celebrity encounters from Jancee Dunn.