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Apr 24, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:36 One Day at a Time: Things get pretty dark for our heroine in "Hello, Penelope," but she has an unlikely savior—and makes a pretty great discovery in "Storage Wars." 

8:30 Trophy WifeEpisodes 4 and 5 bring both sweetness and silliness as Kate settles into her wife/stepmom role.

14:50 Challenge Round: Nailed It: Catherine challenged Terri to watch this goofy Netflix baking show, but something about it missed the mark.

For next week, we'll finish up season 2 of One Day at a Time with three episodes ("Homecoming," "Citizen Lydia," and "Not Yet"). We'll also watch episodes 6 and 7 of Trophy Wife ("Halloween" and "The Date"). Plus, we return to our West Wing watch with "Evidence of Things Not Seen" (season 4, episode 20).

UPDATE! The new, short season of Dancing With the Stars starts on April 30, so we'll be covering that in next week's episode. To make room, we'll pause our Trophy Wife watch for a week and pick it back up again for our May 8 episode.