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Jan 20, 2015

Terri in her P&R gearTalking about parenting all the time gets a little tiring, you know? For a between-podcast break, Terri and Catherine are bringing you a weekly "Round 2," dedicated to movies, TV, books, and all that entertainment we'd be consuming if we could just stop podcasting and catch up on our work. In this week's mini-podcast, we discussed Oscar nominations (and the total of 1 Best Picture nominee we've seen between us); the January return of Downton Abbey and Parks & Recreation (sniff); the treadmill as a vehicle for guilt-free TV binging; and an unfortunate recent football outcome. Do you share our viewing interests? Got some other pop-culture topics you'd like to discuss? Join us in the comments.

Terri Mauro
four and a half years ago

As mentioned on the podcast, the epic Twitter exchange of Parks & Rec clips by Linda Holmes and Alan Sepinwall: (including the Rob Lowe "Flu Season" clip also mentioned, which was their agreed-upon "too easy" surrender offering). Follow @nprmonkeysee and @sepinwall because you should be following them anyway, and because more of these exchanges can break out at any time.