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Aug 21, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed podcast:

00:45 So You Think You Can DanceTurns out it was Prop Night on SYTYCD, starting with a group number featuring giant rubber bands (?!). Aside from that one, we liked most of the dances this week.

11:42 The West Wing: "The Benign Prerogative" is a good episode for Donna, but a very bad (and out of character) one for Charlie. Mentioned: The West Wing Weekly podcast, featuring Janel Moloney.

23:01 Making It: In week 3, the crafters take the party outdoors and judge Dayna hears Terri's plea to wear some pants already.

Next week, we'll watch the next episode of all three shows (note that we are about a week behind on Making It, as it airs on Tuesday evenings after we drop the podcast on Tuesday mornings). On The West Wing, it's "Slow News Day" from season 5.