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Feb 6, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:31 The Good Place: In the season 2 finale, Eleanor went back to Arizona (maybe?) and Ted Danson went back behind a bar. And we went into mourning at the thought of waiting until fall to see them all again. Mentioned: GQ article on Manny Jacinto.

11:23 The West Wing: Aaron Sorkin takes a breather as CJ takes a trip home to visit her ailing father. It's good, because it's Allison Janney, but oh so sad. Mentioned: The West Wing Weekly podcast.

19:39 Challenge Round: GodlessCatherine issued a challenge to both herself and Terri to try this Netflix original starring Jeff Daniels and Michelle "Lady Mary" Dockery. We decided we'd prefer the facial hair and tough dames on a show with a lower body count.

For next week: a Valentine's Day look at the musical Company (the Neil Patrick Harris-starring version on YouTube, though if you dig it, you might want to watch a little of this version too, and read this, this, and this while you're at it), plus season 4, episode 14 of The West Wing ("Inauguration, Part 1"). And we'll replace The Good Place with another critically acclaimed show, the One Day at a Time remake on Netflix ("This Is It" and "Bobos and Mamitas," the first two episodes of season 1).