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Jan 23, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:37 The Good Place: The gang travels to the Bad Place HQ, apparently via the Wayback Machine.

08:47 The West Wing: Yay, West Wing is back, and also sends us back in time—to Brooklyn in the 1950s to meet Toby's father in the episode "Holy Night." Mentioned: The West Wing Weekly podcast.

16:48 Challenge Round: Little House on the Podcast: Continuing this week's throwback theme, Catherine challenged Terri to travel to the 1870s by way of the 1970s show Little House on the Prairie and Kim Reed's wonderful recaps on Little House on the Podcast.

For next week, Terri challenged Catherine to watch the movie How to Deal, featuring Allison "So Good" Janney, Mandy "This Is Us" Moore, and Trent "Zoey Bartlet's hateable boyfriend" Ford. We'll also watch the new Good Place ("The Burrito") and the next episode of West Wing in the lineup, "Guns and Butter."