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Apr 29, 2015

Kathy CeceriOnce you've committed to a particular way of parenting or educating your kids, can you admit to having struggles or making mistakes without inviting people to assume that your whole approach is wrong? Terri chatted with Kathy Ceceri, who writes about homeschooling on the All About Homeschooling Facebook page and her site Crafts for Learning, about the value of parents sharing their experience, the riskiness of setting yourself up as an expert, the difficulty of always putting a positive spin on things even though others might benefit from a more honest account, the way homeschoolers and free-range parents and people who are neither of those things feel judged by the other side, and the likelihood that those who try to see both sides will get judged by everybody. Enjoy today's conversation and look for chats with Kathy the last Wednesday of every month.