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Jan 28, 2015

Katherine LeeIn the first of our "Round 3" mini-podcasts on specific parenting topics, Katherine Lee, who writes about parenting school-age children at, joined Terri for a discussion of restaurants that ban kids -- and the kind of kid behavior that makes bans look like a good idea. If you are That Mom who comes unprepared and doesn't at least appear to be trying to calm your child, we're looking at you (although Terri is doing so with a little bit of sympathy and guilt). But we also offer some suggestions on how to handle restaurant (and airplane) outings without driving your fellow patrons to distraction, even if it's simply knowing how to make a quick getaway. Do you have opinions on restaurant bans, or great tips for restaurant survival? Share them in the comments. And for more child-wrangling ideas, read these articles from Katherine and Terri:

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