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Nov 17, 2017

00:32 Podcast Listening Habits: We discover that in our own listening, we love starting the week with shiny new episodes, so we'll be shaking up our Parenting Roundabout schedule starting Monday, November 27. For today, we offer you a second helping of our Thanksgiving episode from 2016. Bon appetit!

07:46 Holiday Downsizing: We talk about the pressure — external and internal — to have a portrait-worthy holiday and our attempts to bring expectations down to snapshot size.

19:15 Friday Speed Round: Do You Shop on Black Friday? Some folks can't wait to hit the stores, some blanch at the idea of fighting strangers for bargains, and some find the idea of making Thanksgiving all about commerce offensive. Turns out, we're not quite any of those.

24:42 A Well-Mannered Quiz: Just in time for a big, judge-y family meal, Catherine came up with a quiz about etiquette rules for children that may have you using your napkin a whole new way.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. Look for more Turkey Day Replays on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week, plus an all-new Round 2 on Wednesday for the Dancing with the Stars finale and more.