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Oct 31, 2016

Pumpkin StopwatchHAPPY HALLOWEEN! We're marking the day with a speed round on some costumes our kids have worn that we're proudest of, or maybe just happy they took as little work on our part as possible. Watch our Twitter feed for a look at the costumes we've mentioned, and share your own costume triumphs in the comments here or on our...

Oct 28, 2016

Word BubbleOn this week's group chat, we talked about neighborhood life; shared some family rules on our Friday speed round; shouted out some stuff we like on the Roundabout Roundup; and had our monthly check-in with one of our favorite dads, Robert Rummel-Hudson. Here's your road map to the episode:

5:07 The People in Your...

Oct 27, 2016

StopwatchUsed to be, family photo clutter meant shoeboxes full of snapshots to sort through. Now it's more likely to be thousands of phone-snapped images clogging up your cloud storage. We talk today about how and if we organize those precious pictures and whether we ever look at them again. Do you have family photos somewhere...

Oct 26, 2016

StopwatchHome TV screens are getting bigger, yet phone-size screens are more and more becoming the place our eyeballs soak up entertainment. We talked today about which screens we're most likely to watch TV and movies on—theatre? television? laptop? iPad? phone? Where are you doing your viewing? Comment here or on our

Oct 25, 2016

On this week's episode of Parenting Roundabout's entertainment-themed Round 2, Catherine and Terri chat about Dancing With the Stars, the #Hamildoc, four season-two episodes of Sports Night, and the latest episode in our West Wing watch. Here's your road map:

00:34 Dancing With the Stars Alleged era-specific...