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Sep 19, 2017

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed podcast:

00:34 Dancing with the Stars: The season kicked off this week with an appealing and promising cast of characters. Fingers crossed that it will continue that way! (Mentioned: the chat on Annie Barrett's blog)

09:20 The Emmy Awards: We'll take more Sterling K. Brown, please, and fewer sketches that cut into his speaking time. (Mentioned: Catherine and Nicole discussing Big Little Lies on a previous Round 2.)

21:15 The West Wing: In this one ("We Killed Yamamoto"), we'll take more Simon/C.J. and less Josh/Amy.

27:49 Challenge Round: Grand Designs: Catherine challenged Terri to watch this British take on the home makeover, and she enjoyed it very much (but has some furnishing questions, if anyone's listening). For next time, Terri challenged Catherine to an episode of NCIS (season 6, episode 4, "Heartland") so we can get our Mark Harmon fix.

That's because we won't be watching a new episode of The West Wing; we'll stick with the West Wing Weekly podcast special episode instead. Plus, Dancing with the Stars is on both Monday and Tuesday next week, so we'll come back to you on Wednesday with Round 2 coverage.

UPDATE: Silly us! Turns out the West Wing Weekly special episode is the episode for the last episode of season 3, "Posse Comitatus." So we'll be watching that episode too, and getting a double dose of Mark Harmon. Which is just fine with us.