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Jan 6, 2017

Happy 2017! But before we’re totally done with 2016, Catherine and Terri take a little look back at the pop culture resolutions they made and sort of kept, and the episodes of the past year that got the most listens.

01:06 Our Resolution Scorecard — So on our last Round 2 of 2015, we made some bold predictions for 2016. DVRs would be cleaned out. New shows would be watched. Marathons would be conducted. Oscar nominees would be seen. Some of those things happened — we did indeed marathon Parks and Recreation as resolved, and what fun that was. Some of those things were a partial success — Catherine saw a few nominees, though possibly after the Oscars. And some of those things we never got to, like Terri’s intention to watch Breaking Bad or read one of Catherine's book-club books. Better luck next year? We make some new promises, and you'll have to check back in 2018 to see how we did.

18:39 Most Popular Episode of 2016 — That would be Episode 120: Saving Face on Facebook. Apparently, griping about Facebook is something everybody wants in on, so we'll have to schedule more of it for 2017. Listen to a couple of extended clips from our conversation, which (like the Speed Round that follows) includes Nicole Eredics and our departed member, Amanda Morin.

34:47 Most Popular Speed Round of 2016 — We waxed nostalgic about school supplies, and people listened. Join us in listening again to Terri pleading for confirmation that somebody other than her has heard of Pee-Chee folders (correct spelling).

40:22 Most Popular Round 2 of 2016 — Of all the entertainment-related Round 2s Catherine and Terri did last year, the one that got the most downloads wasn't the one about the Oscars or the Paralympics but The Great British Baking Show. Listen again to our conversation about that most genteel of competitions, and if you liked that, why not come on across the pond and watch The Great American Baking Show with us. We'll be talking about it again on Tuesday.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. Thanks to you, too, for listening to us this past year. And thanks to Terri’s dog, My Girl, for all the toenail taps and collar jingling throughout the podcast. We hear you, pooch.

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