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Jan 20, 2017

On this week's group chat, we talk about grades and how much we should care about them, talk about celebrating big birthdays on our Friday speed round, shout out some stuff we like on the Roundabout Roundup, chat with pediatric OT Meghan Corridan, and do some shameless self-promotion. Here's your road map to the episode:

03:26 We Give Ourselves an A+ — Sure, we like our kids to do well in school. But should parents be obsessing about their kids' grades? And fighting every dent in the GPA? And crowing about great grades on Facebook? We're trying for that A in laid-back parenting, but it's a super-hard class.

16:12 Speed Round: Big Birthdays — Nicole's daughter's sweet 16 got us thinking about how we celebrate our kids' landmark birthdays, and whether we're slackers if they don't involve catering halls and limos.

22:58 Parenting Roundabout Roundup — Terri is amazed to have a good word to say about Microsoft Word; Catherine's happy about that surprisingly effective OTC flu med she found in her closet; and Nicole likes her virtual reality viewer

28:32 Interview of the Week: Meghan Corridan — We check in with Meghan once a month, and this time around she's got some cool (but not cold) indoor snow play ideas for kids. Get the details on the items mentioned on her blog, MAC&Toys.

37:23 Shameless Self-Promotion — Catherine has more snow day ideas in an article for VeryWell; Nicole invites you to listen to her and Terri's previous podcast on her Inclusive Class site; and Terri wrote about some ways Hollywood could increase respect for people with disabilities on the Friendship Circle site.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.