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Apr 14, 2015

Congratulate Catherine! She finally made it through all seven seasons of 30 Rock—well after those who watched it on a weekly basis when it originally aired, but completely and enjoyably nonetheless. Her out-of-sync consumption of a pop-culture favorite led us into a discussion of other times we were not stepping in formation with our fellow consumers of culture, whether because we were missing something everybody else was raving about (bye, Mad Men!) or loving something that was otherwise apparently universally reviled (Terri is feeling you, Studio 60! ending of Lost! John from Cincinnati!) We talk about the three categories of rejecting mass adoration; roller-coaster shows that are all about the ride, not the ending; and our appreciation of having so many things to choose from that we can pick the quirky things we like.

What do you love that everyone hates and hate that everyone loves? Share in the comments, and if you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience. (And if you're now wanting to watch that John from Cincinnati motel speech Terri mentioned, you can watch it here on YouTube. And the scene with Cissy and the pistol. And the opening credits, the one part of the show that everybody seems to dig.)