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Jan 5, 2016

On the first Round 2 of the new year, Catherine and Terri look back on which entertainment product they consumed on New Year's Eve, how their DVR clearing is going, and what they've read and watched this week, including:

+ In Your Dreams by Kristan Higgins
+ Call the Midwife (book version) by Jennifer Worth
+ Water for Elephants, both book and movie
+ About Alex (and yes, come to think of it, as we discussed this movie's similarity to The Big Chill, we did accidentally say Phoebe Cates played the young girlfriend in that film when of course it was Meg Tilly. When you're old enough to remember The Big Chill, you're old enough to forget details, apparently.)

We're also plotting a marathon watch, probably of Parks and Recreation (and not Parenting Roundabout, as Terri initially said, although if you'd like to marathon our podcast, go right ahead!), although maybe of the first two seasons of The West Wing. Do you have a preference? Tell us in the comments here or on Facebook, or tweet at us.

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