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Jul 12, 2016

After last week's special Friday catch-up episode, we're back to Tuesday talking about entertainment. Catherine's got a couple more movies from her travels to talk about, and we've got our marathons of Parks and Recreation and The West Wing to keep up with. As promised by Catherine (who listened and grabbed the time stamps, because Terri whined just enough), here's your road map through the episode:

02:00 Brooklyn, The Wolfpack, and our failure to watch any summer movies

15:35 Parks and Recreation sixth-season episodes "The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip-Off Classic," "Doppelgängers," and "Gin It Up" 

24:05 West Wing season-one episode "Take This Sabbath Day," and the accompanying episode of The West Wing Weekly podcast

35:10 Coming up next week, we may be talking about So You Think You Can Dance again (if the kiddie version doesn't still disturb us when we dip back in), and Terri will obsess more about Hamiltonin the form of the beautiful (if loosely bound) Hamiltome. Next Parks and Rec episodes up are "Filibuster," "Recall Vote," "Fluoride," and "The Cones of Dunshire." We'll be taking a West Wing week off along with West Wing Weekly, but after that the ep on deck is "Celestial Navigation" (in which, among other things, CJ has woot canal).