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Apr 5, 2016

Dancing With the Stars Week 3 involved the "stars" recalling and dancing to something at least vaguely related to their most memorable year. Sometimes the connection was strong, as with Kim Fields's The Facts of Life dance, and sometimes not so much, as with Von Miller celebrating his recent Super Bowl win with a song that makes Terri think of Miami Vice, a show that was on so long ago there were phone booths. The removal of a phone booth was significant to one of Terri's most memorable Parks and Recreation scenes, as the vacant patch of concrete it left behind became the site of an adorable little park and the adorable reunion of Ben and Leslie in "Smallest Park," one of our P&R marathon episodes for this week along with "End of the World," "The Treaty," and "The Trial of Leslie Knope" (click links for more memorable scenes). Finally, we checked in with the West Wing episode "Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc" and the West Wing Weekly Podcast episode that discussed it. (If you're keeping up with our Parks marathon, next up are Season 4's "Citizen Knope," "The Comeback Kid," "Campaign Ad," and "Bowling for Votes.")

Apologies for some technical glitches and basically inferior sound. Our podcast editor is on vacation, and this is what you get with unskilled labor.