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Mar 22, 2016

Dancing With the Stars is back! And the season is actually looking promising. We're happy to see the return of Len, not so happy to see the return of Mark's ridiculous hair stylings, but overall encouraged by a field with no obvious ringers and few obvious train-wrecks. Our early money is on Nyle and Wanya, but there are plenty of dancers we're happy to see in action.

Meanwhile, on our continuing Parks and Recreation marathon, we watched "Road Trip," "The Bubble," "Li'l Sebastian," and "I'm Leslie Knope" and said hello to Entertainment 7/20, Ron's first ex-wife Tammy, and Rob Lowe's unfortunate haircut; goodbye to Li'l Sebastian; and hello and goodbye to Ben and Leslie as a couple (if only for the moment). On the agenda for next week are the Season 4 episodes "Ron and Tammys," "Born and Raised," "Pawnee Rangers," and "Meet and Greet."

Finally, we mentioned another marathon we're going to be going on courtesy of another podcast -- West Wing Weekly, on which Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway will be watching WW episodes one by one and talking about them, sometimes with guests. While we won't be doing a full-on chat about the eps, since we'll both be watching and listening, we'll probably have a thing or two to say here too. Why not watch/listen along?