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Oct 3, 2017

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed podcast:

00:31 Dancing with the Stars: Guilty Pleasures night was also Happy Judges night and Let's Not Ruin Our Mood by Eliminating Anyone night.

16:39 The West Wing Weekly: The podcast did a listener questions/Big Block of Cheese ep, so we didn't watch an episode of the show this time.

21:22 Challenge Round: The Crown: After John Lithgow won an Emmy for his performance as Winston Churchill on this Netflix series, Catherine challenged Terri to take in an episode (S1E9, "Assassins") in which Churchill must face his mortality in the form of a painting.

UPDATE: As we mentioned on the episode, our viewing for next week was TBD by whether the West Wing Weekly podcast was watching the first episode of season 4 or doing a special episode. And ... turns out, they're doing a special episode. So we will NOT be watching and commenting on "20 Hours in America Part 1" next week (sigh), and we will also be saving the movie Junebug to watch on a week when we're also watching Amy Adams in one of those "20 Hours" episodes. Instead, we'll watch the 1998 film Playing by Heart, which you've probably never heard of and will therefore be surprised by the number of actors in it you recognize.