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Apr 12, 2016

On this week's entertainment episode of Parenting Roundabout, we've got four things to talk about. In case you want to fast-forward over stuff you don't watch or care about, here's a road map through the episode:

0:30: Dancing With the Stars It was Disney week, which meant lots of princesses, cool costumes and props, 8s and 9s all over the place, and Nyle in a loincloth shaking his butt at the camera. So a satisfying night all around, then.

11:20: Zootopia — Catherine went to a movie! Specifically, Disney's latest animated offering. She and the 11-year-olds she went with give it a thumbs up.

17:24: Our Parks and Recreation marathon — Up this week: the Season 4 episodes "Citizen Knope," "The Comeback Kid," "Campaign Ad," and "Bowling for Votes." For next week, join us in watching "Operation Ann," "Dave Returns," "Sweet Sixteen," and "Campaign Shakeup."

24:20: The West Wing Watch We've been watching Season 1 of The West Wing along with the West Wing Weekly Podcast, and the most recent episode was "A Proportional Response."

Apologies for the background noise partway through. Catherine has learned her lesson not to sit under an air vent.