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Feb 14, 2017

On this week's episode of Parenting Roundabout's entertainment-themed Round 2, Catherine and Terri continue watching The West Wing, listen to some of Catherine’s favorite music on the Challenge Round, and discuss the Grammys with a special guest. Here’s your road map:

00:38: The Grammy Awards — Special guest Nicole Eredics (the Nicole Eredics!) joins us to talk about the outfits, awards, and performances of the Grammys. But mostly the outfits. (Mentioned: Adele's Tiny Desk Concert.)

16:27: The West Wing — This week’s episode, “The Stackhouse Filibuster,” reminds us how things have changed when it comes to discussing autism on television, plus we learn about a fancy French dessert that neither of us ever, ever wants to taste.

26:37: Challenge Round — Catherine challenged Terri to listen to the Fountains of Wayne album “Sky Full of Holes.” As predicted, Terri enjoyed it, because who wouldn’t love a band that rhymes “Cracker Barrel” with “Will Ferrell”? For her challenge, Terri is getting Catherine to watch her first-ever episode of Lost. It’s called “The Constant,” and it’s season 4, episode 5 (available on Netflix).

For next week, we’ll cover that, The West Wing ’s “17 People,” and the ABC sitcom “Speechless.” Join us!