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Jun 21, 2016

Ham4Ham view aboveOn a special, Catherine-less Parenting Roundabout Round 2, contributor Kathy Ceceri joins Terri to recall their jaunt into New York City last Wednesday to visit the theater where Hamilton happens and try to snag the illusive $10 tickets offered by the weekly in-person lottery. Though they ultimately were unsuccessful in that quest, they were in the vicinity of the door where the live #Ham4Ham shows happen; and while Terri can't actually say she saw Andrea Burns sing "What I Did for Love," she heard it live, and glimpsed it on the phone screens blocking her view, and enjoyed being part of the crowd near which it happened.

Ham4Ham view straight ahead

We're not sure what will be happening with #Ham4Hams (for more info, go to the Hamilton website, click on Lottery, and scroll down to Live Lottery) once Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., Phillipa Soo, and maybe more original cast members leave next month, but for the next couple of Wednesdays you can be sure that tons of people will line up to try their luck against the humongous odds. We recommend going regardless. But wear sunscreen. Bring a hat. And if you're a short little person like Terri, bring a chair to stand on.

(Oh, what's that? What's Hamilton, you say? Sigh. Go watch this. And this. And this. And listen to this. And follow @Lin-Manuel on Twitter. And @LacketyLac. It's nice in the Hamilton bubble! Join us, won't ya?)

Photos: (top) the view above; (right) the view ahead.