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Jun 7, 2016

The Tony Awards is this Sunday (go Hamilton!) and we'll be live-tweeting the ceremony and probably some red-carpet action beforehand. Since we have Twitter on our minds, we thought we'd share some of our favorite entertainment tweeters, in case like us you get an appreciable amount of your pop culture by reading tweets about it. Among those mentioned:

Hamilton: Especially @Lin_Manuel, but also @LacketyLac, @ChrisisSingin, @DaveedDiggs, @leslieodomjr, @Anthony_Ramos1, @OakSmash, @phillipasoo, @reneeelisegolds

Pop Culture Happy Hour: @nprmonkeysee, @ghweldon, @idislikestephen

Extra Hot Great: @taraariano, @tomatonation

Writers: @sepinwall, @TheFienPrint, @fuggirls

Actors: @joshmalina, @mindykaling

Too many handles to handle? Just follow Terri's entertainment list for all these and more.

After all that twittering, we checked in with So You Think You Can Dance (from which we would like to see no more bare-skin costumes, no more vomiting children, and no more dancing moms) and then moved on to our Parks and Recreation marathon, which this week included the Season 5 episodes "Bailout," "Partridge," "Animal Control," and "Article Two." For next week, we'll be finishing up Season 5 with "Jerry's Retirement," "Swing Vote," and "Are You Better Off?" Also, if you're following along on our West Wing watch coordinated to the West Wing Weekly podcast, watch "Lord John Marbury" for next week. And don't forget to follow us in our live-tweeting Sunday night!