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Jul 19, 2016

This week, we checked again to see if So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation is as bad an idea as it looked at first, checked in a little late on a show people have been raving about, and continued our Parks and Recreation marathon. An approximate road map to our conversation:

00:20 So You Think You Can Dance So, we think we can't with this. Sure, maybe the demographic that wants to see little kids mugging and dancing themselves to death and shilling for movies is more of interest to advertisers than the old cranky mom demo we reside in, that doesn't mean we have to keep watching. Gotta give it up for Maddie Z's hair work, tho.

18:50 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Catherine finally watched the first season, and while she should probably have given her review in song, we hope you'll be happy to hear her talk about it.

22:45 Parks and Recreation Marathon — Up this week, from Season 6: "Filibuster," "Recall Vote," "Fluoride," and "The Cones of Dunshire" (which opened with the adorable scene above and closed with the accounting team Ben once again abandoned falling on the gifted game "like children on a piñata," says Catherine).

Next week, we'll be discussing the Parks and Rec Season 6 episodes "Second Chunce," "New Beginnings," "Farmers Market," and "Ann and Chris," and the West Wing Season 1 episode "Celestial Navigation."