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Jan 30, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:45 The Good Place: We're watching with bated breath as this season nears its close; we're already worried about how we'll be left hanging for months after next week's ep!

10:35 The West Wing: Season 4's "Guns Not Butter" took on serious issues (food security, foreign aid) while also delivering many laughs, often at the expense of Josh Malina's character, Will Bailey. Mentioned: The West Wing Weekly podcast and Malina's fundraising challenge.

17:59 Challenge Round: How to Deal: Terri challenged Catherine to watch this 2003 movie, starring Mandy Moore and our beloved Allison Janney, as well as Trent Ford, who plays the obnoxious Jean Paul on West Wing. We both agreed that here, he's much more agreeable, if not quite a fully formed character.

For next week, Catherine challenged both Terri and herself to watch the first episode of the Netflix original series Godless. In another case of us following fave actors from show to show, this one stars Michelle Dockery, aka Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. 

We'll also watch the final season 2 episode of The Good Place ("Somewhere Else") and West Wing's "The Long Goodbye."