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Apr 7, 2015

Television giveth, and television taketh away. On this week's Round 2, Catherine talked about a new show she's trying out — Wolf Hall on PBS — and Terri talked about an old show she's saying goodbye to — Cougar Town on TBS — and we met in the middle for a discussion of how we decide to stick with a new show that maybe doesn't immediately suck us in. With Wolf Hall, there's a concern that there might be a little more work and homework involved in this story of Henry VIII than we're really looking for in this always-something-new-on-the-next-channel age. With Cougar Town, it was a case of so many people being turned off by the title and the quickly ditched premise of Courteney Cox dating young dudes that they never gave it a second or even a first chance, and never found out what a warm, goofy, endearing, and comfortable weekly visit with pals it turned out to be. 

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