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Jan 29, 2016

Word BubbleIt's been one of those weeks here in Parenting Roundabout land (an enchanted place that now spans four timezones), and so we come together for our group chat with a shorter attention span and a more meandering style than ever. But that's where your brain's at too, right? Here's a road map of this...

Jan 28, 2016

StopwatchWe've noticed some contentious opinions online about the inflammatory issue of wearing shoes in the house. Are we shoe people, slipper people, sock people? Is it permissible to bring your own slippers to other people's house, or refuse to expose your socks to their floor? Share your shoe preferences and phobias in the...

Jan 27, 2016

StopwatchYou see them all over the Internet, and in piles on bookstore tables. Adult coloring books are having a moment just now, but can you color us interested? Listen in as we share our coloring habits, and give us your own take on the adult coloring trend in the comments here or on our Facebook page, or tweet us

Jan 26, 2016

StopwatchYesterday we talked about bedtime routines, and today the subject of our quick chat is the stuffed animals or other comfort items our kids go to bed with -- and we lose or leave behind at our peril. Listen in, and tell us about your child's indispensable object in the comments here or on our Facebook page, or tweet us

Jan 25, 2016

StopwatchIn a recent speed round, Amanda suggested that she would like a Fast Pass for her kids' bedtime, which inspired us to have this quick chat about what our kids' bedtime routines are like and what's particularly weird, wonderful, or time-consuming about them. Is there a notable bedtime routine at your house? Comment here...