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Mar 31, 2016

StopwatchWe talked recently about giving your children constructive criticism, and since one of the topics that causes tension for many moms and daughters is makeup, we asked ourselves today whether there are cosmetological philosophical differences in our households. Do you have strong feelings about makeup? Comment here or on...

Mar 30, 2016


Even in these days of endless Internet distractions and Netflix, we try to make time to read actual books now and then. And what's on our e-readers and audiobook-players and night tables at the moment? Here's a short list of what we're reading now and next:

+ The Rosie Effect and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Mar 29, 2016

For this week's Round 2, we not only watched the Parks and Recreation episode that introduced Donna and Tom's annual day of self-indulgence (it's the best day of the year!), but we treated ourselves to another sparkly episode of Dancing With the Stars and topped it off with an ever-so-satisfying West Wing pilot rewatch...

Mar 29, 2016

StopwatchOn today's Speed Round, we share those silly little traditions our families have built that make us unique, from punning together to guessing celebrity birthdays to including the dog in group hugs. What weird little things does your family do? Confess in the comments or on our

Mar 28, 2016

StopwatchIn an earlier Speed Round, we talked about what exactly we haul our stuff around in, but now it's time to take a closer look at the stuff itself, including extra fast-food napkins, multiplying tubes of lip balm, and emergency granola bars. What do you never leave home without? Comment here or on our