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Aug 13, 2019

On SYTYCD, we finally get to exercise our voting powers after this week's episode! We're choosing based on short-person solidarity and people we feel sorry for because of how they were judged and/or costumed.

On The West Wing, we don't just feel sorry for the way the writers treated the character of Toby in "Mr. Frost."...

May 17, 2019

On this week's Roundabout Roundup: Catherine's eating Mann's Superfood Blend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Terri has a new source for potential work at FlexJobs. And Nicole has happy news about a school she loves, the University of British Columbia

As always, we thank Jon Morin for our in-and-out music, which you...

Dec 10, 2018

00:32 Tired Terri: Her new Fitbit may be contributing to Terri's couch-sleeping, early-rising habits.

06:50 Lies, White Lies, and Santa: Inspired by this Offspring article, we confess some of the lies, fibs, and distractions we have told our kids. Mentioned: This New York Times article about DNA testing and...

Nov 26, 2018

What with all the traveling, cooking, and eating last week, we could not record a new episode. So please enjoy this serving of leftovers from November 2017. We'll have a new Round 2 for you tomorrow.

01:09 Cyber Monday Shopping: Will we be proactive about replacing things that are about to break or just keep clinging to...

May 31, 2017

Here are all the games we could name from our childhood, with links to the Board Game Geek site to prove we didn't make them up. Not even "Barbie Dream Date."