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Apr 21, 2017

00:32 The DMV: Nicole takes a birthday trip to everyone's favorite government agency.

06:36 Purchasing Power: Spending money is stressful, especially when you need three cars in a few weeks or buy a whole house sight unseen. We did come up with a great idea for HGTV, though. Call us!

22:47 Friday Speed...

Apr 20, 2017

We recall some cruises we have experienced, both life-changing and nausea-inducing, and wonder if we'd still enjoy them as much today.

Apr 19, 2017

Clipping coupons seems like such a good idea, but sometimes, our time is worth more than 20 cents off. (Mentioned: Honey.)

Apr 18, 2017

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:34 Dancing with the Stars: Disney Night was self-promotional in a very adorable way. We happily said goodbye to a Real Housewife and (we hope) to  Julianne's Tinkerbell wig. (And yes, Catherine called it: that was the kid from SYTYCD.)

13:48 The West...

Apr 18, 2017

We chatted about the odors that bring back memories, and found that one person's delightful campfire smell is another's emergency brushfire alert.