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Sep 28, 2018

In our dreams, we would get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. But we never dream, because we don’t get that much sleep.

May 28, 2018

00:37 Shopping Shocker: You won't believe the article of clothing Catherine purchased for herself. 

09:48 Gentle Ranting: We tried to rant about our kids, but it didn't really work out. We reserve the right to try again at any time.

25:02 Speed Round: #MomBrags: These came much more easily!

31:26 Roundabout Roundup:

Apr 30, 2018

00:31 Conference Recap: Catherine reported on the Untitled Town Book and Author Festival she attended. Also mentioned: Katherine Reynolds Lewis and her recent Speed Round interview.

6:53 When the Power Is Out: How does your family manage during power outages? Do you happily play board games by candlelight, or sit in...

Mar 2, 2018

It's nice, value-for-money-wise, to get lots of lovely throw pillows with a new sofa and love seat, but when there are so many that there's no room for humans to sit, things start getting out of hand. Of course, it doesn't help that we can't quite throw old ones away either.

Nov 27, 2017

Welcome to our new schedule: Group chats every Monday morning, with Round 2 on Tuesdays and speed rounds Wednesday through Friday.

00:31 Cyber Monday Shopping: Will we be proactive about replacing things that are about to break or just keep clinging to them because we fear change?

07:40 Make It a Habit: We have a...