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Aug 11, 2017

00:31 Back to School: Nicole's daughter headed back to school, which somehow led us to reminisce about Gym Classes of Our Past.

07:35 All the Drama, None of the Fame and Fortune: Terri sometimes feels her life is a bad detective show. Catherine is stuck in a not-that-funny sitcom, and Nicole's family drama is...

Aug 4, 2017

Excuse the thunderstorms and technical difficulties in this week's episode. Just keepin' it real for y'all.

00:32 Doggie Diagnosis: Think good thoughts for Nicole's pooch, who is going in for cancer surgery soon (but she's going to be fine!).

08:10 It's Good, Except When It's Bad: It’s supposed to be a positive thing...

Jul 21, 2017

00:31 Camp Report, and an Apology: Catherine's son successfully brought home three dirty rags from camp, and Terri has a correction on last week's episode.

08:23 Mom Guilt, Subtype 214A: We discuss guilt of the "it's not you, it's me" variety, as in "You should play the trombone because I didn't get to be in the band...

Jul 7, 2017

00:31 Congratulations, Nicole! She finished editing her book manuscript, so all that's left is waiting for fame and fortune to arrive.

07:24 Ready for Kids ... or Not: We ask: How did you know you were ready for kids? And once you knew, did the universe help you out, or smack you around a little first?

27:11 Friday...

Jun 23, 2017

00:31 Travel Report: Catherine is back from Iceland, which she loved despite the prevalence of dried fish; and she recommends the tour company Pink Iceland to anyone who's thinking of visiting.

09:42 Terms and Conditions Apply: We welcome visitors to our homes ... sort of. We prefer that they not stay too long, require...