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Oct 13, 2017

00:31 Renovating in Secret: Home repairs continue, but please don't tell the city inspectors.

08:33 We Remember It Well: We take a cue from Dancing with the Stars and recall our Most Memorable Years. Nicole's is definitely dramatic enough for a barefoot contemporary number, while Terri plans to rhumba with...

Oct 6, 2017

00:31 Post-Renovation Debrief: Terri's bathroom reno is complete, but it will never be perfect. Just like our reflections in every mirror we encounter.

05:11 We Could Care, But We Choose Not To: We had a bossy parenting article to discuss, but decide to give ourselves a break on that, along with lots of other things...

Sep 8, 2017

00:31 Aloha: Speaking of jealousy, Nicole and Terri are feeling a few pangs over Catherine's Christmas plans.

07:15 Sibling Jealousy: Forget "growing out of it." We think it might take a lifetime for kids to adjust to the fundamental unfairness of having a sibling. Mentioned: This article on little kids and jealousy...

Aug 25, 2017

00:32 Eclipse Report: Catherine traveled to a country road along the Path of Totality to watch the eclipse, and says it really was worth it.

12:30 What Kids Are Watching: Terri wondered whether she's the only one whose children have abandoned shared TV watching in favor of random series on YouTube. (She's not.)


Aug 11, 2017

00:31 Back to School: Nicole's daughter headed back to school, which somehow led us to reminisce about Gym Classes of Our Past.

07:35 All the Drama, None of the Fame and Fortune: Terri sometimes feels her life is a bad detective show. Catherine is stuck in a not-that-funny sitcom, and Nicole's family drama is...