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Feb 29, 2016

StopwatchAfter Amanda expressed some disdain on Facebook for Lego's new lumberjack/hipster/stay-at-home dad minifig, we thought maybe we could help the toy manufacturer out with some better ideas. Listen to our product-development proposals, and comment here (if the comments work for you) or on your Facebook page to...

Feb 26, 2016

word bubbleIt's a week of looking forward at the responsible young adults our kids are becoming and looking back at the really bad TV they (and we) adored in the past. Here's a road map to our conversation:

0:49: What’s New With You? — We’ve got dogs, we’ve got scorpions and tarantulas, we’ve got illicit lizards,...

Feb 25, 2016

StopwatchAfter talking about tardy students in yesterday's Speed Round, we thought it was a good time to assess our own personal promptness. The results may leave you surprised that this podcast usually gets delivered on time. Where do you fall on the early on time, late, or really late scale? Tell us on our

Feb 24, 2016

StopwatchAn article about a school that visited the consequences of student tardiness onto the parents by making them put in volunteer hours sparked our discussion of whether this is really a good way to either address lateness or get volunteers. Mostly, we're glad we don't live in that district. Do you think this is a...