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Oct 22, 2018

00:32 Canada Calling: Nicole got to visit the motherland for her annual dose of autumn weather and ketchup chips. Mentioned: Prince Harry gives up alcohol during his wife's pregnancy.

07:43 Yearbooks Past and Present: Time to compare and contrast the yearbooks of our day with those of our kids.

26:54 Speed Round:...

Oct 15, 2018

00:32 Sanitation Situation: People in Catherine's town have big thoughts and feelings about garbage and recycling bins.

07:04 Meet the Teachers: 'Tis the season for parent-teacher conferences. With many (many, many) meetings in our pasts, we have advice for making them work for you and your kid.

28:14 Speed Round:...

Aug 30, 2018

Hafeez Lakhani, from Lakhani Coaching, is Nicole's guest on this special Speed Round. Hafeez gives us insight into what universities are looking for, tips for writing a winning essay, and valuable advice on the role that parents can play during this time.

Aug 6, 2018

00:31 Critter Update: What's going on with Terri's ant invasion and Nicole's personal zoo?

08:04 Back to School, Back to Guilt: An article about back-to-school traditions has us feeling wistful about never going beyond a hastily snapped photo.

22:51 Speed Round: Morning Routines: Back-to-school also means back to riding...

Jul 19, 2018

We've talked a lot about inclusion on this podcast (did you hear that Nicole wrote a book?), and today we welcome author Ann Yurcek to tell us about an inclusion resource designed for parents and teachers to read with kids. Hear Ann talk about why she wrote Furry: The Little Penguins That Could: Teaching about...