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Feb 28, 2017

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode:

00:30 The Oscars: We talk about that one thing that everyone’s talking about, but also touch on some other highlights and lowlights of the evening.

10:11 The West Wing: In "Bad Moon Rising," at least two more people are added to the group of 17 who are in the know from the previous episode, with more to come as the President’s big secret is revealed. Next episode up: "The Fall's Going to Kill You."

15:50 Challenge Round: Speaking of suspense and Oscars, Catherine challenged Terri to watch the 2013 best picture, Argo, about the "exfiltration" of six Americans from Iran in 1979. We enjoyed scruffy Ben Affleck, best-boss-ever Bryan Cranston, and Alan Arkin and John Goodman providing much-needed comic relief. For next time, Terri challenged Catherine to watch the sad, sad movie The Last Five Years.